The Bedrock Story

Bedrock Sandals Australia is the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Bedrock Sandals. See the story of Bedrock Sandals below or visit for more information.

Bedrock Sandals

Bedrock Sandals was dreamt up during outdoor field work jobs in Northern California.  We wanted to make a premium quality sandal that let us experience the outdoors more simply and that held up to the heavy abuse of our outdoor lifestyles. We launched a Kickstarter, grew slowly, kept making our sandals better, lived in vans and sailboats, thru hiked trails, and crafted our sandals to match our adventurous minimalist lifestyles.

Bedrock HQ.jpg

The Bedrock Factory

We are proudly based in Richmond, California where we manufacture Bedrock Sandals in our small and awesome factory! Yes, we do have a climbing wall - come visit us!

Each year we donate one percent of our sales to help conserve and restore the environment through 1% for the Planet. Join our Tribe and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Our Outdoor Sandal Design Theory

Our bodies and feet evolved through human history to walk, hike, and run incredible distances. As outdoor footwear designers, our overall goal is to harness our natural human-inherited flow of movement. Our sandals combine grippy Vibram® outsoles with our adjustable strap system to strike a harmonious balance of performance, durability, and comfort.  

As a company, simplicity is our goal from inside to out. We reflect simplicity in the footwear we design all the way to the lifestyles we lead. Simplicity makes us and our feet happy :)  

The Founders