Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my sandals?

All our Cairn Sandals ship out within 1-3 days from when you place your order. Once ready to ship, your sandals will take 3-5 days to arrive to you by mail, and up to 7 days for International Orders. For further information check out the shipping policy.

Tell me about Bedrock’s Rock Solid Warranty!

Bedrock Sandals come with our Rock Solid Warranty for the lifetime of their Vibram® Soles. Our Warranty covers all sandals with at least 1 mm of Vibram® Sole material remaining below the balls of your feet. If your sandal sole or straps break during this time we will either repair or replace them for free.  We can offer such an strong warranty because we build all our sandals to the highest quality standards with the highest grade of materials.

Submit warranty to us at We kindly ask that you clean your sandals before sending them in for repair.

How long will my Bedrock Cairn Sandals Last (Durability)?

Our Cairn Vibram® Soles typically last between 700 and sometimes over 1,000 miles. Typically our strap system will last beyond the lifespan of the sole.

How do I adjust my Bedrock Sandals?

Check out our Adjustment Guide to learn more about how to adjust Bedrock Sandals Straps. 

How do I take care of my Bedrock Sandals?

Follow these instructions to take care of your Bedrocks and maximise their life-span or check out the Sandal Care Guide here:

  • For footbed's sake, do not leave your sandals in extreme heat (e.g. hot car) and intense direct sun exposure for durations ( e.g. sunny porch). Our ultralight Go Far Vibram® footbeds can warp if left exposed in these environments.

  • To clean your Bedrocks, hand wash with a brush, water, and your favourite eco-friendly soap! Let them dry in a shaded environment or briefly in the sun. Do not machine wash.

  • To keep your Velcro® heel-strap long lasting, use side buckle adjustment for every-day in and out, and occasionally remove grit and debris from heel-strap by scrubbing with a wire brush.